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Sea Paradise

Discover your own paradise

Cafe - Bar - Restaurand

Sea Paradise in Oia Santorini

Sea Paradise located in Oia, Santorini (Baxedes - Paradise Area).
It has two different levels, all of which offer the same impressive and panoramic view of the sea. On the first level (Pool bar area), vaulted arches dominate the space and, together with the evening lighting and music on the background is carefully chosen so as to relax your senses and analogous to different hours of the day and night.
On the second level lies the restaurant there you can choose to live a special gastronomic experience by having a lunch or a romantic dinner, or you can enjoy day or night your cocktails drink at the relaxing pool bar areas of the Sea Paradise, paby no doubt, will become a strong and vivid memory.

Sunset time is the right one for you to enjoy the refreshing cocktails of Sea Paradise. We are looking forward to seeing you here!

Sea Paradise operates from May 15 to October 1.

"We hope you'll have the most unforgettable moments in Oia Santorini and that you feel that this magical place is your home."

Sea Paradise Areas

First level (Pool Cafe & Bar areas)

Oia Santorini cafe Bar    Oia Santorini cafe Bar

Second level (Restaurant Areas)

Oia Santorini Restaurant    Oia Santorini Restaurant